Yvonne C. Town - Psychologist



Individual Therapy (children >6yrs, adolescents & adults) • Couples Therapy • Group Therapy



Suite 2, Nichol House
3 Nichol Street

Suite 3B, Wellness Centre
6 Howick Street
YORK W.A. 6302

Suite 5, Goomalling Community Centre
51-53 Railway Terrace

P.O. Box 253
Mundaring, W.A. 6073
(08) 9295 0948
[Business Hours]
0408 251 315 [Emergencies only]
(08) 9295 1617 [After hrs, ph & fax]
If we are busy please leave your name and telephone number so we can ring you back.

Yvonne C. Town

M.Crim.Jus (UWA); B.Psych; B.Soc.Sc; Dip.Clinical Hypnosis

YvonneHelping people to attain and maintain a positive state of wellbeing is the focus Yvonne has adopted in helping people to help themselves as they transition through various events and issues in their lives. As a Psychologist she has attained International / Advanced training in various specialised therapeutic techniques and continually builds upon her knowledge with on-going professional development.

There are many psychological techniques that research and experience has shown to be most effective for each client and their unique issues. Techniques used are derived from Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Interpersonal Therapy, Existential Therapy and Solution Focused Therapy.

Yvonne is a registered Psychologist in Private Practice in Mundaring, York and Goomalling and is a member of the Australian Psychological Society (www.psychology.org.au). She is a registered provider and offers psychological counselling under Medicare, Department of Veterans’ Affairs, various private Health Funds, Worker’s Compensation and Motor Vehicle Insurance arrangements.

Apart from her qualifications in psychology, Yvonne has a Masters degree in Criminal Justice (UWA) which complements her counselling in providing restorative justice to families who want to heal major rifts - restoring healing for the harm done within families is conducted within a therapeutic environment.


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Effective therapeutic outcomes with clients presenting with a variety of issues which may include:

  • Anxiety Disorders: excessive worry, panic attacks with/without agoraphobia, health anxiety and pain management, shyness, fears and phobias.
  • Depression: feeling down, hopeless, lacking energy and motivation, trauma and various forms of abuse (emotional, physical, sexual) including suicidal thoughts and self-harm. Bereavement and grief/grieving issues.
  • Stress and Adjustment Issues: anger and behaviour management, communication and assertiveness skills, building resilience and coping strategies. Also, pregnancy child birthing and counselling support.
  • Body Image and Weight Management Issues: building confidence and
  • Relationship Issues: couples therapy, positive parenting strategies, bullying and harassment in work/home environments, Coping with separation and divorce.
  • Poor Habit Regulation: Smoking, alcohol and drug cessation.


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+ Eye Movement Desensitisation (EMDR):

+ Schema Focused/Mode Therapy:

+ Dialectical Behaviour Therapy (DBT):

+ Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT):

+ Clinical Hypnotherapy:

+ QEEG & Neurofeedback:


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Finding the right kind of help can be difficult and feeling uncertain about coming into therapy, especially if it is your first time, can be very daunting. Please contact Kayla (Practice Manager) as your initial step either via the telephone (08) 9295 0948, mobile 0408 251 315 or via email yctown@bigpond.com. She will guide you through your first steps in making an appointment.

Our counselling sessions last approximately 50 minutes, and will always start and end at scheduled times.

Practice Hours:

Face-to-face appointments hours are from 9:00 am to 6:00 pm throughout the week. Skype appointments are also available. Please ring Kayla during business hours to make an appointment.

SKYPE counselling for house bound, rural and distant (i.e. mining) clients is now available. Whilst face-to-face counselling provides the best therapeutic outcomes, Yvonne provides this service for those who find it difficult to attend her Mundaring or York Clinics. Please note that Skype sessions must be pre-booked and paid for before your session by electronic bank transfer. It is not possible to cancel a face-to-face session and replace it with a Skype session without prior arrangement. If you would like more information about this service, please call Kayla.


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Fees and Rebates:

Fees for psychological counselling services are guided by recommendations from the Australian Psychological Society (APS) which are subject to change annually.

Kayla will outline all fees when you initially make contact. We have EFTPOS facilities available for Credit/Debit card payments and, if referred on the GP Mental Health Care Plan, the Medicare rebate can be immediately paid into your account. Fees are payable beforehand for Skype appointments by bank transfer or for non-Skype sessions at the time of your appointment. All other psychological services are charged in accordance with the APS guidelines.

MEDICARE: You may be eligible to access up to ten Medicare rebatable subsidised psychological services per calendar year. To be eligible for Medicare rebate, you will need to meet certain criteria and be referred under a GP Mental Health Care Plan from your Doctor or Psychiatrist. The amount of your rebate depends on if you are under/over your Medicare Safetynet Threshold. You will need to provide Kayla with your Doctors referral letter and your GP Mental Health Care Plan for a Medicare receipt to be provided. In certain circumstances, we provide a concessional service for individuals. Please note that Medicare do not provide rebates for SKYPE sessions.

HEALTH FUND: Some private health insurers offer rebates on psychological services. You will need to contact your own health insurer to ascertain this information. You are only able to claim either a Medicare or a health fund rebate for each session.

DEPARTMENT OF VETERANS’ AFFAIRS: Some psychological services are funded by the DVA. You will need to contact them direct to establish whether or not you are eligible for their service.

WORKERS COMPENSATION: Yvonne is registered to provide counselling as part of a Work Cover claim, provided the claim has already been approved and a claim number issued by your insurer. Otherwise, you will need to pay upfront and a receipt will be provided. Please advise Kayla when you make your initial appointment that you are covered by a Worker’s Compensation claim. We do not provide SKYPE sessions for Worker’s Compensation clients – these must be face-to-face appointments.

CANCELLATION POLICY: A 24 hour cancellation policy applies, where the full fee is payable for non-attendance or late cancellation. When notice is given beyond the 24 hour notice period, there is no fee payable. Please note that payment for non-attendance applies regardless of the reason as Yvonne will be prepared and waiting for you and will not have had the opportunity to offer the appointment to another client. If you cancel within the 24 hour period, the fee will be waived if Kayla is able to rebook your cancelled appointment with a client from my waiting list (this cannot be guaranteed).

Confidentiality Policy

This practice adheres to the guidelines outlined in the Australian Psychological Society Charter for Clients. Information collected during therapy will be treated as confidential and will not be released without your written permission. The exceptions to the guarantee of confidentiality are, if it is a legal obligation to do so (e.g. subpoena) or if there is considered to be an immediate and specified risk of harm to you or another person. Please advise Kayla prior to your initial appointment if it is likely that your health records would be subpoenaed.

With your permission, we collaborate with GP’s, Psychiatrists, and other Allied Health Professionals to ensure that all factors contributing to psychological distress are addressed. If you are referred under the GP Mental Health Care Plan by your GP, it is a requirement that reports are provided to your GP subsequent to various stages in your treatment plan. Written consent will be requested at your first appointment for this.

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